8 Keys to Using Staffing Agencies to Find a New Job


The Hiring Process is Changing – Use Staffing Agencies to Your Advantage

If you’ve recently been job searching, you have probably noticed the words “staffing agency”, “third party staffing”, or “employment agencies” coming up more frequently. You may be wondering what the benefits of going through a Staffing Agency are.

When you apply online through a website, too often, your resume gets lost with the rest.

Instead, everyone knows the best way to land a job is through a referral. This is where Staffing Agencies can get your foot in the door with leading companies in your area.

First, often Staffing Agencies tend to have several more openings than you may find online on job boards. Companies rely on staffing agency recruiters to find them the best possible candidates for their key open positions. The agency Recruiter may be able to get you an interview faster than if you would have submitted the resume on your own because they have a relationship with the client.

Also, recruitment and employment agencies can be a great way to network your way into a new job. Having a solid recruiter by your side can be very beneficial if you are seeking new employment. If you treat the relationship respectfully, it is possible to develop a long term business partnership with mutual benefit.


8 Key Things You Should Know About Staffing Agencies:

You don’t pay for the service of an agency. Staffing agencies get paid by their clients when they place workers.

While staffing firms are able to place some job seekers immediately in 40-hour per week jobs, often they have several nontraditional job opportunities as well. Don’t refuse jobs because they are not full-time or are not a definite portal to a new career.

Contract assignments often times turn into full time opportunities if the candidate performs well.

Agency Recruiters are looking for open positions for you– make sure to keep them updated with any changes in your employment search.

The term “Contract to Hire” means after the candidate completes the contract period they will be eligible to turn full time with the client. “Contract” refers to a period of time where the employer needs someone short term; whether it is for a project or to cover an employee on leave. Both are excellent opportunities to get your foot in the door.

Dress appropriately for an interview with an Agency Recruiter. How you present yourself to employment agency representatives is an indication of how you will present yourself to prospective employers.

If a Recruiter tells you to update your resume, don’t take it personally. Your resume may be sending the wrong message to employers, and a recruiter can help you market your resume to make it stand out to the hiring manager by adding key words.

Submitting your resume to multiple agencies is fine, but let each agency know that you are working with more than one agency.

In conclusion, Staffing Agencies are here to help you!! Take advantage of the Recruiters and their availability to job openings you may not be aware of.

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2 thoughts on “8 Keys to Using Staffing Agencies to Find a New Job

  1. My brother might be looking for a job in the future and is considering sending his application to a staffing agency. You said that that a staffing agency can work as a referral, which is the best way to land a job. From what I’ve heard in the past, referrals are definitely the best way to get yourself noticed by a company. I Can imagine that having that ability with a whole field of potential companies would be very beneficial.

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