What is “Athleisure” wear ?

First you may be asking, what is Athleisure wear- in a nutshell- clothes that fit the category of being appropriate for either athletic or leisure pursuits, or both. Think- “sportswear that is as chic as everything else in your closet.” Today’s women are all about comfort and functionality and whether boys love it or hate it, we live in leggings.  These outfits can be worn to brunch, doing errands, attending workout class and depending on your job they can even be worn to work!  You have probably noticed that the look is about layers, patterns and mesh but with that comes a hefty price tag.  We searched high and low and found our favorite athleisure wear items under $50!

number 2 w numbers

  • 1.  $42.00
  • 2.  $50.00
  •  3.  $42.00
  • 4.   $44.00
  • 5.  $49.99
  • 6.  $48.00
  • 7.  $29.00
  • 8.  $42.00
  • 9.  $41.97
  • 10.  $29.97
  • 11.  $48.00
  • 12.  $35.00

More info on athleisure wear here



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