Wedding Season is here.

Another Spring is here and along with that comes one of the best times of the year.. Wedding Season!  We have talked to a lot of women, moms included, and it seems like we are consistently hearing the same thing- ” I don’t know what to wear to this wedding”.  Picking an outfit for every wedding can be costly and stressful so we are going to provide some helpful tips and provide you with some reasonable options!

First we will start with bridal showers and engagement parties, what should you wear?

The best thing to do it get details about the bridal shower, is it indoor or outdoors, is it formal or informal, is there a theme?  Normally, we like to stick to something classic and sweet like a casual floral dress or a chic romper


How to choose your outfit for a wedding…

If the wedding is formal and “white tie” or “black tie” you should wear a formal floor length evening gown.  The most affordable way to dress for this type of event is using a website called Rent the Runway .  This site allows you to rent expensive dresses at a fraction of the cost.  Click the link & receive $20 off your first order today!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 10.07.32 AM

For an afternoon wedding that is outdoors I would recommend using a spring floral dress or a maxi dress.  Depending if you are on grass you may want to stick to flats or wedges so your heels do not get stuck!  I would encourage you to stay away from wearing off white or white dresses unless specified otherwise.  It is the bride’s big day and you don’t want to take any attention away from her!

There is tons of different stores you can shop at for wedding attire, if you are not close to a large mall, we recommend trying Nordstrom- it is free shipping & returns and they have the best customer service if you have any issues.  Once you find a dress you can always use ShopStyle to search the dress and see where else it is and the prices on each site- select the site with the lowest price and order!

Happy Wedding Season!!







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