Tired of your boring job?

So you’re unhappy at work, not challenged, and underpaid..it’s time to start searching for your next career. This may seem like an easy task- however, the market continues to get more & more competitive with unemployment rates going down.

According to Forbes, approximately 118 people apply to one single corporate job posting. 20% get a phone screen/e-mail and only 2% get an on-site interview. So if you weren’t listening before hopefully you are now.

It’s competitive out there. 

First, we recommend writing down your top accomplishments.  Companies want to know what results you can deliver to them–so your resume, cover letter, and interview should focus on these specific results. Provide as much detail as possible when doing this (numbers, growth of gross profit, writing samples etc..)

We are begging you, please please pleaseeee don’t blindly apply for positions on job boards. Take it from us, this is a complete waste of your time. As Recruiters these people are the worst kind. Basically once we have seen you apply to random jobs with no sense of consistency we just block you. If you have your eye on a certain company or position ask your friends, family members, or former colleagues if they know someone working there. Your best bet is to network with someone already at the company. 80% of people who are referred by a current employee get hired (Forbes). Use LinkedIn to help strengthen your network if you are having trouble with this one.

Polish your resume. This is a given, right? NO. We can’t tell you how many times we have seen spelling errors, bad formatting, and inconsistent dates on resumes. If we find one of these mistakes we think you’re lazy. The average Recruiter is busy… we only look at a resume for approximately 10 seconds before moving on. So make sure to have someone look at your resume before applying to a job.

Practice Makes Perfect. If you manage to land an interview, practice some interview questions. We recommend doing a mock interview with your significant other, best friend, or parent. If you’re prepared you will come off confident in the interview. Failing to do so will make you nervous and leave the hiring manager uneasy about hiring you.

We have combined 10 years of experience in Human Resources specializing in Recruitment & Hiring. We have worked for small, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies both domestically and globally. (All thoughts and opinions are our own and do not reflect any of the company’s we work for.)




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