Life Updates!


Is it seriously already MAY? I know I’m a little behind, but a lot of exciting things have happened over the last month!

First I wanted to update everyone on our house search. Awhile back I posted about my experience as a first time home buyer.. well the long dreaded search finally is over. We never actually found a house… we are actually going with a NEW BUILD!  This was not something we considered at first because it would cost an arm & a leg to have a new build downtown. However, the moon & stars aligned and we were met with an awesome opportunity to have a new build in Merion Village. The area is tax abated for 15 years which makes it even more affordable. Expect house updates over the next 4-5 months! 🙂

New house coming Oct. 2016!


When I said a lot has happened, I wasn’t kidding!…My husband and I found out we are going to have a baby! This was both exciting and scary at the same time…A few thoughts that came to mind were “are we ready for this?” “what is this going to cost?”, “will our house be done?” ,”will the baby be a mini Michelle or mini Matt?”, and “holy sh*t we’re going to be parents!”. However, we are so excited and can’t wait to meet our baby in October. With that being said we have a lot of planning to do! I’ve never been so overwhelmed in my life! Luckily I have several friends who have helped me along the way! We haven’t decided yet if we will find out the gender of the baby. My husband is adamant about waiting & I am dying to know! What are your recommendations?

*this is not our baby lol

A few recommendations for those who just found out they are expecting (from my experience):

  1. Find an OB & make an appointment ASAP.
  2. Tell your family & close friends so they can start helping you
  3. After 12 weeks tell your employer. Also start looking at their maternity leave & short-term disability plans.
  4. Start touring day cares (yes, this early..wait lists can be as long as a year and a half for newborns)
  5. Ask friends for their registry ( Also notes on what they liked & what they didn’t helps too)
  6. Don’t spend a lot of money on maternity clothes. I got jeans from Gap for $35 and leggings & a few dresses from ASOS. Maxi dresses are perfect for the Summer and can be worn again.
  7. Keep working out & eating healthy!

Look for our next post on fun things to do for Memorial Day.




2 thoughts on “Life Updates!

  1. Michelle-

    With both of our children we waited to find out the gender! There a not many surprises in life and truly this was the best suprise of my life! I’ll never forget the feeling of Bradley telling me we had a son and then the suprise of having a daughter (I was convinced it was baby boy #2). It drove people crazy that we didn’t find out but if we have a third we def won’t find out! It’s too much fun! You have to choose what is right for you two and whatever you choose will be fun either way. A lot of people told me they couldn’t wait bc they had to have everything planned! I am a huge planner and my rooms and everything were ready as well! We went with teal strollers and pack and plays and let me tell you a pink blanket looks fantastic with teal 😉! Don’t let that hold you back! I pray your pregnany goes well and you enjoy every moment!!

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    1. Thanks so much for the sweet note Stacie!! I agree with you holding the secret actually makes other people angry haha! I’m excited since this will be the biggest surprise of our life! We just want a healthy baby 🙂 We also registered for gender neutral stuff.. and we can’t even plan our nursery because our house will be getting done right as the baby gets here. It will all work out! Thanks so much again- wishing you all the best!! (oh and your kiddos are ADORABLE!!)


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