Whoa, I’m going to be a Mom..

baby bump


Shocked, scared, happy, excited, thrilled…these are just a few of the emotions I am going through as I experience my first pregnancy.. I love kids..I really do…but having one of my own..that I’m responsible for is scary as sh*t! Below are my thoughts through my pregnancy journey so far..

Being pregnant has been really easy for me . Let’s start with the fact I didn’t even realize I was pregnant until around 12 weeks..basically I skipped the entire first trimester. No morning sickness or nauseousness for me. I do get occasional headaches and I’m tired, but this was nothing new as I experienced this before getting pregnant. In regards to lifestyle changes- I don’t miss drinking as I wasn’t a huge drinker before I got pregnant, and the food restrictions don’t bother me because I’m used to watching what I eat anyway. Everything is the same besides this growing belly. Sometimes I wonder if there’s even a kid in there! If all my pregnancies are this easy I could definitely see me going through this several times. (note: this may change after delivery).

I did initially struggle with gaining weight… I know everyone says “but you’re pregnant”..However, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m used to watching the number on the scale, evaluating everything that goes into my mouth, and working out hard everyday. Now, the scale continuously rises and my clothes feel tight. Hopefully once I start looking pregnant I will feel better, at week 20 I feel like some girl who just ate an entire large pizza. I am still working out around 4 times a week & plan to continue as long as I can.  

Other thoughts..Am I going to be good at this whole parenting thing? I guess my dog is still alive after 5 years so that’s a good start…My husband and I started putting a registry together & have absolutely no clue what we are doing. It’s actually hilarious. Thankfully I’ve had a lot of supportive friends to help me out. I’ll share our registry in a later post. I’ve listed products below I’ve used non-stop since finding out I was pregnant- let me know if you have any other recommendations!

  1. Mama-To-Be-Tea Sampler
  2. Earth Mama Body Butter
  3. Lifefactory Water Bottle
  4. Nike Flynit Tennis Shoes
  5. Vitamin Code Prenatal Vitamins
  6. doTerra Lavendar essential oil
  7. Kopari Coconut melt

For those wondering, we have decided to wait and see what the gender is until birth. We are just focusing on having a healthy baby! My husband thinks it’s a boy but I have a feeling it’s a girl..can’t wait to see in October! Below are my answers to the popular wive’s tales.


  • Morning Sickness?- No (boy)
  • Headaches?- Yes (boy)
  • Cravings?- Sweets (girl)
  • Soft or Dry Skin?- Soft (girl

Thanks for following along!





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