Third Trimester

Baby Pic.jpg

We made it to the 3rd trimester! As you can tell from my lack of blogging, we’ve been busy! Like I said way back in week 20, pregnancy has been pretty easy for me (outside of the normal side effects).  Things are starting to feel  more real now that we had our baby showers & went to a child birth class. Also the fact that practically none of my clothes fit and I wear the same outfit 3 times a week is a sign I’m getting close to the end. Some details on my pregnancy & things I didn’t know are below…

  1.  I’m now 33 weeks, and our baby is as big as a squash! the Dr. said baby weighs 4.6lbs already & has a good size head (this concerns me)..
  2. Gender– we are still doing a surprise! Will Baby Brugg be a he or she?
  3. The baby– moves around constantly, I wonder if this means my child will be hyper or maybe I just eat too much candy…
  4. How I’m feeling– I physically feel fine & have energy….However, my doctor put me on bed rest due to signs of pre-term labor & there’s nothing I can do about it. The hardest part is trying to sit still & not being able to go to workout classes. I’ve also had some acid reflux & heartburn lately, but nothing too terrible.
  5. Food cravings– I don’t have any strong cravings, I just let myself enjoy things like bagels & ice cream on a regular basis (which I would never normally do). Have to take advantage right?
  6. Swelling– Nothing yet! I’m hoping to avoid this side effect at all costs. ( I don’t need to look like I gained any more than I already have)
  7. Weight gain– Almost 25 lbs!
  8. Things I miss– fitting into my clothes, working out, eating sushi & a glass of wine
  9. What I’m most excited for– seeing my baby for the first time & watching Matt be a dad!
  10. Things I didn’t realize until being pregnant-Can we talk about how much stuff a baby needs? Our apartment is full of baby stuff I didn’t even know existed, and honestly, I don’t even know how to use half of it. Take the Madela breast pump or the pack and play for instance– should it take an Engineering degree to put these thing together? One thing is for certain, I give A LOT more credit to all the single parents out there. Navigating the best baby gear is exhausting. Ok people, why do we need 3 feeding pillows? The boppy, the boppy lounger, and my breast friend pillow? Or take the rock and play, bouncer, and mamaROO..don’t they all practically do the same thing? But everyone says you NEED all…& here we are buying it lol. I’m glad I have my sister to go through this journey with & also someone to be sober with. Lastly, you will honestly never feel fully prepared but my husband & I are okay with that 🙂

Let the countdown begin!!






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