Back to the Basics

As most of our followers know, both Michelle & I recently had babies! We are so incredibly blessed and happy to have healthy babies, now it is time for us Moms to get back on track. It is no secret that throughout our pregnancies we indulged on carbs and sweets a little too much. (oopsie) So we are starting out the new year  with a fresh start. How are we going to do it? See below!

  1. Partner Up- We are going to  partner up to support and motivate each other.  We will push each other to go to workout classes and make smart food choices.
  2. Create a weekly meal plan that is high in protein and includes lots of fruits and veggies.  We are both breastfeeding so we will still eat good carbs! We will be sharing some new recipe/ food ideas with you guys over the next few months. Make sure to follow us on our Instagram (@twinspired_)
  3.  Purchase workout/ gym package to mix up our weekly workouts.  Most of what we are doing will be done at home using Kayla Itsines BBG workout plan. We will be going to some of our fav local classes to push us harder.
  4. Set a motivational goal- we have planned vacations to help keep us on track and accountable. We also are going to take progress photos on Mondays so we can visibly see the changes to keep us motivated.
  5. Be realistic- we know our bodies took 10 months to create our babies and it is going to take time to get back to our pre-baby bodies.  We really just want to be healthy and feel good! We also still love our sweets, so we have allowed a cheat meal one time a week and a few alcoholic drinks 🙂

We would love to hear how you are becoming  a healthier you in 2017! Please share any recipes you love or ways you stay motivated!


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