Favorite Items under $100 for Spring

As the weather starts to get nicer in Ohio I find myself browsing the internet for new Spring clothes.  In Columbus the main department store we have at Easton to shop at in person is Nordstrom so we tend to do most of our shopping there.  I went out and found some of my personal favorite items that are out right now for under $100!  These include tops, jeans, shoes, and even a bathing suit! (Spring Break is just around the corner!) I am personally obsessed with the Tom’s wedges, they hold up so nicely and for such a great price point.  Not to mention they are SO comfortable and every time you purchase a Tom’s shoe they give a pair to someone in need.  Also, I love loose fitting clothes (haha) and Free People has the comfiest and cutest tops for a reasonable price. Nordstrom is also currently having a Winter sale of up to 40% off so if you have been wanting a pair of boots now is the time to buy!



We hope you enjoy some of these items as much as we do, as always, read the reviews before you purchase to help you decide on size and fit!




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