Meal Delivery Review

I recently blogged about our weight loss journey and getting back to our pre-baby weight.  Part of the plan was to try out HelloFresh- the meal delivery service.  I figured it would help us with meal planning and provide a balanced meal.  My overall review is below.

First the HelloFresh website is very easy to use and since we had a coupon we signed up for 4 meals for $40- I figure that is reasonable ($10 per dinner for two). I am not sure I would pay the full price of $80 for 4 meals but it depends how convenient it is for you and your family- to some it may be worth it! You can go in the calendar and select which meals you want shipped to you and you can stop or pause your service at any time. Also, something worth mentioning- I selected the classic membership but you can choose a family membership or a vegan option as well!

Your meals will come in a large HelloFresh box that is refrigerated with 4 smaller boxes inside, each meal is packaged separately.  The recipe cards will also come in the box so make sure not to accidentally throw them away!  They package the meals very well and they have all been very clean and organized.  (One thing to note- the box is very heavy so be prepared!)

Each individual box has all the ingredients needed to make that meal and it is all portioned out for you. I will mention that all the produce I have received in the shipments has been very fresh and top quality.  They do they expect you to have basic ingredients like salt, olive oil, sugar ect. You will take the recipe card and follow the directions to make the meal! I have found most of the recipes are fairly easy to follow but I will say each meal takes anywhere between 30-45 minutes to prep and make.  It does not sound like a lot but if you are coming home after a long day at work and just want to whip something up quick, it is really not that fast or easy.  Also, in most recipes they have you mincing fresh garlic or other herbs, I just went ahead and used my minced garlic at home to save time.

Overall, the meals have been very good and the portions are definitely big enough.  My husband loves it because it comes with a protein, a vegetable, and a carb! It also allows us to try new things and change up our normal weekly menu.  I also think it is kind of fun to cook with your spouse in the kitchen.  We have kept some of the recipe cards and are going to make some of the items ourselves in the future.  The HelloFresh website does keep all the recipes on it so if you ever want to go back and find one, it is available! I thought that was kind of nice!

See some of the meals we made below!  If you want to try it for yourself- click here to get $40 off!





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