Our Current Fitness Routine

workout 3

We’ve been asked several times what we’re doing to shed the baby weight so we wanted to write a quick post on our current fitness routine! Plus, there’s nothing more motivating than summer being a few months away. Just the thought of being in a bathing suit makes us want to put down the carbs & pick up the weights.  As many of you know from our Instagram, we have always been dedicated to eating healthy & working out… However, since having babies we aren’t able to dedicate the hours to working out like we did before. We needed  to find high intensity short workouts that we can easily do anywhere. This would give us the best results in the shortest amount of time. We added these in with some classes at our favorite local studios and have seen great results! Below is our current fitness routine..& the best part about it is that you don’t even need a gym membership!

*Note- this is our routine *if* we have the time to go to the gym. Our kids come first so if we can’t make it that day we don’t stress about it. 

workout 2

Monday: Legs Day (currently doing Kayla Itsines program) 35 minutes

Tuesday: High & Tight/ Yoga on System of Strength’s digital studio! (Try 30 day trial for FREE!!) 20-60 minutes

Wednesday: Arms & Abs (Kayla Itsines) 35 minutes

Thursday: Cardio Day (Either elliptical or 30 minute run on the treadmill)

Friday: Full Body Workout (Kayla Itsines) -35 minutes

Saturday:  Some type of cardio/lifting. Usually we take a class at  Cycle 614System of Strength or Barre3 – 45-60 minutes

Sunday: Rest!

xoxo- M&M



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