Why I Became a Beautycounter Consultant!

Why I Became BC Consultant

I’m really excited to talk about WHY I finally gave into multi level marketing and chose to be a Beautycounter consultant.

First let’s discuss direct selling & multi level marketing…(I cringe when I think of it). This sales tactic has become increasingly popular…and annoying as sh*t. Which is why, while intrigued, I avoided doing any type of direct sales for several years.

However, I couldn’t resist when it came to Beautycounter. See what changed my mind…

  1. I personally tested the products before jumping into the consulting gig.  I never used to have skin issues but since having a baby I struggle with dryness and sensitive skin. I regularly use lotion in the morning after cleansing my face and then again in the evening. I had been using Keihls moisturizer, but it wasn’t providing enough hydration for my skin. Just by switching to ONE of Beautycounter’s products..the nourishing cream cleanser I noticed a change.  This cleanser is so lightweight. After using it, my skin felt tighter (in a good way), and squeaky clean. In addition to being a great toner, witch hazel has so many skin care benefits. Not only does it help to fight acne, it will help to nourish dry skin and reduce any puffiness around the eyes. Nutrient rich Aloe will help to fight signs of aging and treat sunburn, and coconut oil is a great moisturizer.
  2. My husband has me on a budget for clothes & makeup (no shock!) so I have to get creative on how I spend my money. Before Beautycounter, I was buying individual masks for $10-$13 each. This was getting expensive since I like to do a facial mask once a week… I decided to try Beautycounter’s charcoal mask which is $48 for the tube. I have easily used this 10 times which if you do the math ($48/10=$4.80 per facial mask & I still have half the tube left) you can see I’m saving $$$ while using safer products on my skin. #winning 
  3. I can’t get over the statistics that relates harmful products to cancer. Just a couple of decades ago it was 1 out of 20 women were diagnosed with cancer, and now it’s 1 in 8 !!!!  I’ve lost way to many people I love to cancer in the past couple of years and it’s heartbreaking. We ALL know someone who has been taken by this disease but this isn’t where it stops. The ingredients in most products are also linked to infertility, autism, birth defects, learning disabilities, toxicity, skin irritation, hormone imbalances, allergies, ADHD and even asthma.cancer factsAnother HUGE differentiator about Beautycounter is that we are an education based company. that means education first, product second. Representatives from our company are on capital hill monthly fighting for change within the industry and for more regulation in an skincare industry that has none.When Gregg Renfrew, our CEO, was recently asked by a lawmaker “why would you want to change the laws when you are already offering a safe, effective solution for consumers? won’t this create a significant amount of competition for you and your business??” Her response was poignant and simple, “A rising tide lifts all boats. If we don’t fight for change who will”.
  4. Their platform is built on safety, rather than “natural” or “organic. They are transparent – you know exactly what is in your personal care products and can make informed decisions, confident that you are avoiding the 1500 harmful or questionable ingredients on their “never list.”
  5. I started doing a little research about skincare and cosmetics products our family was using, specifically the products we were using on our baby and was shocked to find that products marketed as “natural,” “organic,” and “pure” were not what they claimed to be. I needed to do better for myself and my baby!
  6. As a consultant you get products at discounted prices which is a no brainer because after trying the products I was hooked.

So what this means…

  • I promise I won’t send you annoying messages on any social media platform
  • Ask me about any product and I’ll give you my honest opinion. If something better is out there I’ll tell you.
  • Want to shop? Sell? Just learn more? Check out www.beautycounter.com/michellebruggeman. In all seriousness, if you want to join the movement  by doing direct sales/social sales/word-of-mouth-marketing, this is one where you will actually be doing some good in the world. You won’t be penalized if you don’t sell enough either. You don’t have to be the most annoying person in the world – but if it takes a bit of nudging to switch your friend to a phthalate free foundation, there are worse things you could be pushing.

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