Meal Delivery Review

I recently blogged about our weight loss journey and getting back to our pre-baby weight.  Part of the plan was to try out HelloFresh- the meal delivery service.  I figured it would help us with meal planning and provide a balanced meal.  My overall review is below. First the HelloFresh website is very easy to … More Meal Delivery Review

The Mom Job

As I am writing this my 5 week old is asleep in the other room and honestly I just hope it lasts a little longer. See the truth is, being a Mom is HARD. I thought I was ready but the reality is nothing can prepare you for raising a child. I also want to … More The Mom Job

Life Updates!

Is it seriously already MAY? I know I’m a little behind, but a lot of exciting things have happened over the last month! First I wanted to update everyone on our house search. Awhile back I posted about my experience as a first time home buyer.. well the long dreaded search finally is over. We never … More Life Updates!